Jeff in Dublin

Here’s Jeff

My name is Jeff Game. I am a freelance travel writer and photojournalist based in Los Angles. I am always on the hunt for a new story to tell through a unique angle and maybe find something off the beaten path. You can travel any place in the world and find hidden gems in that city, maybe places that not all the crowds flock to. I love to find places that locals have coming to for years or that new place that everyone has to check out. Some of my favorite places to travel to are Ireland, San Francisco, Paris, Nashville and Hawaii. In addition to writing, I am very comfortable behind my camera and chronicling each city I travel to with my photographs and showing a perspective you may not have scene before.

“Traveling to any place, whether it be across the globe or the town next to you can change your perspective and allows you to see how the rest of the world lives. Open your eyes, drop your inhibitions and get immersed in the world”.

Traveling Man

Meet JeffIn some of my travels, I have taken a solo pub crawl through Ireland, taken a wacky carriage ride through Memphis, had the most sublime Chinese food in San Francisco, taken a roof tour in Stockholm, stood in line for the best ice cream anyone can stand in line for in Nashville, tasted monkey(not by my choice) in Mexico, viewed the famous scream painting in Oslo(much better than the Mona Lisa), saw one of the craziest indoor water amusement parks ever in the heart of Japan, toured the best ballpark foods on the west coast, experienced Hawaii from an aircraft carrier and ate one amazing cheeseburger on the streets of Paris, in the rain no less. I have seen a lot of the world and still have a huge list of places I want to travel to.

Jeff Game

The Back Story

I have Bachelors degree in Digital Journalism from National University. Even though I have a degree in journalism, I feel my biggest asset is my life experience and years of traveling around the United States and even outside of its borders. I am always just trying to tell a story through traveling.